F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

First Things First, what is and what can you expect from a 5 minute session?

These sessions are designed to be basic, simple, no fuss no muss type sessions. The price is able to be so low because of the following factors:

• The date/times/locations are all pre-determined, so less time spent on deciding where and when to do the sessions.

• You are able to book online and pay at checkout, meaning less time invoicing you and waiting on payments, it’s all taken care of upfront. Yes, sessions must be paid in full to get on the calendar.

• After you book online and before your shoot, you will hear from me directly 1-2 days before your session in a group email with directions on where to meet and any weather updates. You are of course welcome to email me before any with any questions, but if you don’t hear from me until that 1-2 days before your shoot, that is normal.

• I choose the images to send you. Average I send is about 5-8 but I strive to send more if there are more gorgeous photos. No you can not see all that I shot and no you can not choose your photos. That’s the point, you are choosing to trust my professional opinion on which digital images you get. Less time proofing = less headache for you on which ones to choose and less time for me waiting on you to choose them. You get your photos IN A WEEK. Easy peasy.

Q: Seriously, 5 minutes? What can you possibly do in 5 minutes?

A: When you’re not changing locations, outfits, or props, 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get those precious few portraits that’s all you’re really looking for. If it’s for a family, we’ll do some family shots and even some of the kids and separately of just mom & dad. Maternity, we’ll do some couple shots, just mom, just belly. Just kids, we’ll do close ups and action, etc. Headshots, easy peasy! Seriously, you can do a lot in 5 minutes.

Q: What type of photos can can we do in these sessions?

A: Almost anything really. Family, Kids, Maternity, High School seniors, Grandparents, Graduation theme, birthday theme, holiday theme (like Halloween costumes for example), headshots, pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, retirements, NICU Then & Now themes, almost anything. Large extended families are doable BUT you need to book more than one slot, email me for more info. The only type of session I can not do in a mini session is a newborn. Now you can do some quick family photos with parents holding the newborn (no kiddos holding newborn, sorry, takes too much time), but that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in a longer newborn session at home, email me for more info!

Q: What’s the cost and what’s included?

A: Each 5 minute slot is only $60 + tax and includes an average of 5-8 High Resolution digital images sent to you within a week of the session.

Q: What if my kids misbehave or won’t smile?

A: While no one can guarantee the outcome of any photo shoot when it involves kids, I CAN tell you that 5 minutes is the perfect amount of time to give it a go. In my 9 years of professional experience, if a kid knows it’ll be short and sweet and you make a game of it, they tend to actually have fun. For 5 minutes. Then they’re done and over it. If the kiddo absolutely won’t cooperate, I do offer a reshoot discount of 30% off for another attempt. I also am totally ok with parental bribing if warranted, just sayin’. And honestly sometimes, the ornery/crying/pouting pics are so cute!

Q: What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What are your rescheduling options?

A: If we get rained out, it’s too cold or there’s a tornado watch in effect at the time of the shoot (I will not proceed under tornado watches), then clients will have the option to reschedule to another available date, however the location may be different. Clients will be notified via text message if we have to reschedule. There is also no charge to reschedule if you simply need to change dates and you can do that yourself online.

Q: Will the backdrop of our photo shoot be the exact location in the photos you advertise for the location?

A: I do my very best to represent the actual backdrop in the photos I use for promoting locations however there can be circumstances out of my control that can arise that may impede the exact backdrop, such as unexpected crowds, weather & light conditions, etc. In that circumstance I will shoot very nearby and the photos will still be gorgeous. There are no guarantees when it comes to backdrops, thank you for understanding.

Q: Do you offer a frequent buyer type program?

A: YES! Book 5 mini sessions and the 6th one is FREE!

Q: Do you offer referral bonuses?

A: YES! Refer 5 friends and get your next session FREE!

Q: Do you offer any military discounts?

A. YES! I offer 10% discount for active duty military and veterans (we are an Air Force veteran family) but you have email me a photo of your military ID or veterans ID to get the discount (feel free to block out personal info, I just need to see the name on the card). Email me for more info.

Q: What if I don’t like the photos you send?

A: I retouch and pick the very best ones to send you. Keep in mind it’s a 5 minute session so there won’t be a lot of variety (that’s the point), if there are reasons you don’t like the images that are cosmetic and require additional retouching I can offer a retouch fee of $15/image or $40 for the whole session. There are no refunds or reshoots if you simply don’t like the photos, but take a look around on my site and you’ll see the crisp, colorful and high quality of my work and the way I retouch.

Q: What am I allowed to do with the digital images you send?

A: Print them and share them! I still own the copyright to the images, so I may use them on my websites and on social media to advertise my work. If you absolutely do not want your images online, please just let me know.

Q: What locations do you shoot at? How do I book an appointment?

A: Check the schedule to choose your location and click on the Book Your Appointment blue button, can’t miss it! If you’re on a desktop, you can schedule right on that page, if on mobile, click the blue button but remember the date you’re scheduling so you get the location you want.