About Me

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The Laid-Back ‘About Me’:

I’ve lived in the KC Metro since 2009 and my husband Daniel and I absolutely love it here. My set-my-soul-on-fire passion is documenting preemies in NICU units and through my photography advocating for prematurity awareness. Why? Well, through the 9+ years of struggling with infertility and losing a miracle pregnancy in the spring of 2015, I can relate to when your world gets turned upside down and everything seems out of your control. We were so so very blessed with a happy ending to our infertility journey in our beautiful son Charlie, who was born in February 2016 and he is our whole world!

We have an insanely adorable 9 year old dog Duke, who is a bit of a special needs case so we’re often at the vet for the weirdest things. In my free time, I love to read & write and go on new adventures. Now that we have Charlie we’re so excited to see the world a-new through his eyes and show him how big and amazing it is.

The Official Bio:

Jessica Strom is a Canadian-American professional infant photographer based out of the greater Kansas City metro. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where she attended Mount Royal College from 2002 – 2004, studying both early childhood development and psychology. Jessica moved to the United States in 2005 where she and her husband Daniel began the lengthy process of obtaining her dual-American citizenship. Upon receiving her residency visa, Jessica returned to her early passion for photography and opened her portrait business, Jessica Strom Photography in 2008. In early 2011 after being published in Professional Photographer Magazine, Jessica began volunteering her time and resources to photograph families with extremely premature infants still in various NICU units in the Kansas City area. By the end of 2013, Jessica’s NICU work had been published in a large billboard campaign for one of the local NICU units and she was featured in an 8 page article in the Kansas City Star. In 2014, her work was published internationally in numerous countries upon publication on NBC and Huffington Post, upon which she was then filmed for a 5 minute segment for The Today Show. Jessica has since travelled to visit and photograph NICU units in Canada and South Korea with plans to travel to all cultural regions of the globe to document and photograph different approaches to prematurity worldwide. In 2015, she spoke as a guest workshop lecturer at the 28th Annual Gravens Conference on the High-Risk Infant in collaboration with March of Dimes and the University of South Florida and worked with various high profile corporate entities for NICU re-branding. Her family portrait work can be seen on www.jessicastrom.net, with her extensive NICU portrait work can be viewed at www.believeinpreemies.com and she can be contacted at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com