2017 NICU Then & Now Session Info


It’s here! My 4th Annual NICU Then & Now Session Series!


Sat Mar 18 |  5pm – 6pm

Sat Mar 25 | 9:30 – 10:30 am

**If you can’t make either date happen, email me for options**

Location: Antioch Park, SOUTH parking lot area

Duration: 5 minutes

Who: Anyone who has had a child in the NICU, scroll down to bottom for FAQ!

Cost: $10 deposit + suggested cash donation of $40 on the day of the shoot

Proceeds from these sessions go toward funding the complimentary NICU portrait sessions I’ve offered to families in the KC metro, this year marking my 7th year!

I would LOVE to help tell your story this way through the NICU Then & Now series, I hope you’ll sign up!

To book head on over to check out to pay your deposit online (https://squareup.com/store/jessica-strom-photography-llc/item/nicu-then-now-session-deposit) and write in the notes what day/time you want, then I will put you on my schedule for the closest available time if the exact time isn’t available. You will then get an auto text and email appointment reminder for your session, easy peasy!


Q1: You didn’t photograph my child in the NICU, can I still sign up for a session?

A1: YES! Absolutely!

Q2: What do I need to bring with me? What size print do I need?

A2: Just bring you and your family! There are no prints needed this year as I will have you email me your child’s NICU photo and I will digitally insert it into the frame you or your child is holding. This is both cost effective to you as well as quality effective, as with prints we get glare from the sun, taking a photo of a photo it doesn’t appear as vibrant, or even often all parents have are cell phone photos and they don’t enlarge for prints very well.

Q3: Who can be in the photos?

A3: Your child and his/her immediate family, we’ll get photos of the family holding the photo frame, the child holding/next to the photo frame, and a family photo without the frame. You can see examples of last year’s sessions at www.believeinpreemies.com, it’s the first blog post you’ll see (desperately need to update the site and add so many beautiful NICU sessions to it!)

Q4: How long is the session?

A4: We’ll be done in 5 minutes!

Q5: What will we get for the session?

A5: Each family receives their portraits in retouched digital images within about a week of their session, approx 5-7 images. These are treated the same as my regular 5 minute mini-sessions at a $60 value, however I’m not asking for that much to be donated.

Q6: Why can I only donate in cash?

A6: As I am a one-woman operation, donating in cash is the easiest way to make sure the money directly helps me give so much to families in the NICU. It helps pay for my gas (1/2 tank and 2+ hours of drive time every time I go to the NICU due to the distance), helps pay for a babysitter to watch my son (I needed someone consistent and close to the hospitals rather than asking around who can watch him for free every time I had a sign up), and misc costs such as parking at KU. I also have a special camera I use specifically for NICU sessions as the shutter is quieter, as well as many other costs involved such as website, time away from my family, and more. I do have an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit that we are trying to get up and running again as when I had my son and we moved an hour away it got put on the back burner. So in the mean time, this is the best way to help me fund donating these sessions to families in need. Thank you for understanding!

Q7: My child has special needs, such as not being able to sit up on his/her own, can you accommodate that?

A7: Absolutely! What I would ask is that we schedule your session last or close to last if at all possible so I can spend some extra time with you to find the best position your child feels comfortable in. Whether that’s being held, in a special sitter, stander, or wheelchair, or even on his/her back on a blanket with me photographing down over them. I’m very flexible with kiddos with special needs and will do everything needed to accommodate and include them!

Q8: Where can we see your NICU related work? How long have you been doing these sessions in the NICU for?

A8: I have a separate website for my NICU work called Believe in Preemies at www.believeinpreemies.com It is desperate need of updating but you can see my most recent work on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jessicastromphotography.
This year marks my 7th year of offering free sessions to families with babies in the NICU here the KC Metro!

If you have ANY other questions, shoot me an email at jessicastromphotography@gmail.com

Thank you and see you soon!